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How to Improve Ranking of Hard Keywords?

Are you looking around to see if you were being sucked into the promise of a marketing campaign that promised the following page rank or such a Google ranking? Do you prefer an excellent page rank and an unsatisfactory Google rating, or low page rank, and high Google ranking? All the answers will become evident in the shortest time. Keep reading.

Let’s first discuss Google rankings (GR) as it’s something that everyone who is searching for something on Google frequently will know the best way for. Google ranking is dependent on search terms.

If I have a site that sells dog collars and it appears on the first page of Google results when you enter the search phrase “dog collars” which means it has an GR of 1 for the keyword “dog collars”. If you, in the other hand, I type into Google the term “pet items” and discover that my site appears as the third site listed in the 2nd page results in Google for the search phrase, then my site has an GR of 13 for the keyword “pet products”.

In the case of GR, the lower the number the more beneficial. In the event that the number you choose is below 10 for a specific search term, you will appear at the top of search results for the search term. The best GR for a specific search term is 1.

Google ranking is based in part on the person linking to or making mention of your website on the internet as well as on who’s looking at how your competitors are performing.
 If you have a competitor (who is also a seller of dog collars) is suddenly mentioned in a plethora of online news articles and those articles refer to his website, it will likely be able to move to an lower (better) ranking and you might be able to move to an even higher (worse) ranking.

Pages rank (PR) is completely different than Google ranking, though PR is a numerical number that is given by Google. Page rank is not a number that has anything to be related to the terms used in search results.

The PageRank is simply a numerical value between 10 and 0 that is a sign of the importance Google considers your site in the eyes of Google. Similar to it’s the Richter Scale for Earthquakes The PR scale is described as an exponential scale of the importance Google thinks your website to be.

Every website has its own PR assigned and there’s not just one PR for a whole web page. One web webpage (currently Google’s main page but Yahoo’s main page up until recently) is given an average of 10. There are many websites (but just a few) that have home pages with an average PR of 9.

There are many others with an average of 8. There are more than many that have a PR of 7 and the list goes on. If the lower PR is, the greater number of websites are able to have the page rank. The majority of websites have an average page rank of zero (or “unranked”.

The higher the PR for your website’s pages the more crucial Google takes into account the links from outside the page, and the greater impact that outbound links have on the Google rank of the page that your outbound link links to, and also the page rank of the page the page is pointing to.

If you have a page that is highly ranked page (for instance , if your page ranking is 7,) and you have an external link that points to a website belonging to a person you know (for example, a page that has page rank 1 ) and an Google score of 100 ) for the phrase “dog collars” The link you have from your page will likely be moved to an lesser (better) Google ranking for the search phrase (perhaps having a GR of 30, for instance)) while simultaneously increasing the page rank (perhaps up to PR 2).

The final thing important to be aware of regarding the page’s rank is that hyperlinks that direct you to “unranked” websites can affect your Google rankings for terms that are relevant to the page directed at you. Google’s method of penalizing websites that pay for the inbound links (for instance , from subscriptions to monthly to paid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions).

When Google finds that a website has “paid” websites, Google will reduce the page’s rank to “unranked” and maintain it there. If you do ever spend money on SEO services, be sure there’s a method to eliminate the links for you from sites that may be penalized by Google with the rank of “unranked” as hyperlinks from these pages could be detrimental to your business.

Everyone would like to improve their website ranked on Google to get paid traffic. This is the most sought-after goal of marketing on the internet, free Traffic.

A top position ranking. Let’s look at this more deeply I recently earned the page’s ranking on Google at position 9 for my chosen keyword At first, I was thrilled about this , it was “Yes! It was a success’, however, then I started to feel dejected… What was the reason it just position 9 and not in position 1. What can I do to get this higher?

Sure, I’ll be at the top of the list in the near future. But the truth is that only one site or website can be listed at number 1 on Google at any given moment. I beat 2,930,000 other web pages to get the position on Google of 9th position with simple back linking as well as the proper titling and Meta tags on my site. I’m sure that by doing a little more work, I can improve my ranking.

What alternatives do you have in the absence of knowing what you’re doing, Page 1 listings can be extremely difficult to achieve So what are alternatives? What is paid traffic? PPC using Google or banner adsor media buying. You can promote your video on You Tube any of these options are methods to drive visitors quickly to your site.

If you’re considering getting a page ranking on Google take a look at how you back link. Page Rank is a crucial factor to ensure you’re linking to higher ranking websites.

Facebook has an average page rank of 10, which is significantly higher than one page rank therefore ensure you create back links to higher ranking websites. So, get an external link to your site on Facebook, You Tube & Twitter because these social media sites have high rankings and can improve your page’s ranking on Google.

Additionally, you should consider making videos as it is recommended that videos will have a higher rank than the word scripted on Google because today, the internet is more read than watched.

Therefore, if you are able to transform your work into a video even if it’s simply a powerpoint that has been filmed, this can help in gaining more visibility on the search engines of Google. By using keywords, you can rename your video in a way that can be found in the Google spider.

I’ve seen videos appearing on the first page in Google after just 48 hours, sometimes faster, so this is definitely a method that you must employ to improve your position on the first page of Google.

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